Foreign-trained Indian doctors seek exemption from FMGE exam during Covid-19 crisis

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When the country as well the huge part of the world is suffering from Coronavirus and the doctors are still working to handle the moment of crisis; it is the time foreign-trained Indian doctors seek exemption from exam which may add more 20,000 medics in India at this crossroad of survival and crisis.

As per the report, a body of foreign-trained doctors urged to practice them while they need to exempt them from a mandatory licensure exam. As per their statement, it is because they could be available for the country’s service; required in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of the rules authorized by Govt of India; Indian citizens possessing a primary medical qualification awarded by a foreign institution for qualifying a screening test conducted by the MCI through the National Board of Examinations (NBE). Exemption of the rules can add up 20,000 doctors and 1000 specialists in the medical field. Currently, the association states that India will be in urgent need of doctors and healthcare professionals in the future at this crucial time. The UK and Italy faced the same situation and handled the emergency by their final year medical graduates. The representation letter given by the association stated that the association will prepare their mindset well in advance at the period of crisis. 

As per the statement of association; thousands of foreign graduates of Indian origin completed their medical education and are waiting to register in the country. The association stated that the doctors and medical specialists who want to serve their mother country may be considered as this one-time exception of foreign-trained MBBS and foreign-trained Broad Specialities (MD/ MS) as the matter will be highlighted to  Indian Prime Minister and Health Minister. As per the letter, the one-step will add more 20,000 medics in India and 1000 specialists in India.

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